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Edu-World Web, focus on providing home tuition, live courses, online classes, study material work sheets, mock test programs, etc. The learning process is made more enjoyable by adopting an unconventional methodology of education where students are encouraged to learn through research & model-making, leading to greater retention.

We, offer plenty of hobby ideas that children and creative adults can play around with and encourage the students to pursue it with dedication. Our expert mentors provide umpteen support to nurture hobbies of children. To optimally utilize the available time of children, we provide various hobby courses to nurture, develop & enhance those skills in which they keep interest.

We also provide personalized, customized and consistent development programs for a child that will bring out the best in her/him and make them leaders of tomorrow. We aim to cater to various educational counseling need of today's generation, we've established to offer services who are studying in the various educational institutes. We endeavor to provide guidance to students right from their early school years to higher education. We intend to counsel and provide support at every step the student takes towards his/her future career.

Every advancement of a child is tracked and measured by us.


Our Services/Products are:

1) Home Tutors.
2) Study Materials.
3) Work Sheets.
4) Online Mock Tests Programs.
5) Professional Teachers for your School/Institution.

6) Admission & Career Guidance Counselors.
7) Online Courses.
8) Summer & Winter Internships.
9) Certified Job Oriented Training.

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